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Vicente Changretta was the father of Luca Changretta and Angel Changretta. He served as the secondary antagonist of Series 3, and a posthumous antagonist in Series 4 of Peaky Blinders.

Character History

Series 3 - 1924

After finding out about the burning of his son's restaurant, Vicente meets with Arthur Shelby Jr. and John Shelby asking for an explanation, as well as demanding that his son should be able to like whomever he pleases.

John offends Vicente as well as threatens his son, which greatly angers him. He begins boasting in public about how he will kill John, but John retaliates by brutally beating up the man's son Angel. As a result, Vicente hires a man to help him seek revenge. At the Shelby Charity Foundation Dinner, the man Vicente had hired shoots Grace Shelby in the chest.

He is assassinated by the Peaky Blinders in retaliation. Original orders were for his wife to also be killed but the Blinder brothers disobeyed these orders and despite her pleas to let her husband live, Vicente went willingly because he knew that the 'rules' of gang warfare would not allow him to live.

Originally, Thomas planned to kill Vicente slowly and painfully, body parts to be cut from him over the course of some hours until the next morning. However, Arthur shoots him through the head. This is not necessarily a mercy killing but an act of mercy to Thomas.