Episode 2.6 Edit

Thomas writes a letter to the editor of the New York Times, explaining that Winston Churchill is having him perform a high-profile assassinations on behalf of the crown. He names Chester Campbell and gives the sealed envelope to his sister Ada Shelby, who is ordered to mail it if Thomas fails to return from the Epsom races, where the Derby is being held.

Thomas heads to Camden Town, along with Ada's housemate James, to meet with Alfie Solomons, where he agrees to hand over 30% of his company (instead of Alfie's proposed 100%) by telling Alfie that he has a grenade rigged to explode.

Before they get to the races, Thomas explains to the Peaky Blinders and their gypsy allies that they must take over Darby Sabini's race track licences, and that he will be creating a diversion to distract the police from their actions.

At the races, Thomas speaks with May Carleton and informs her that they will meet when his duties are over at the end of the day. While doing business, Thomas is stopped by Grace Burgess who says she needs to speak with him as it is an important matter. Though Thomas seems slightly rushed and agitated he allows her to speak, Grace reveals that she still loves him and is pregnant, and that the child she is carrying is his. Thomas informs her that he will come and find her after the race.

Thomas enlists the help of Peaky Blinders member Lizzie Stark, to help him carry out his plan by taking Henry Russell to somewhere private at the races.

Thomas’s plan doesn’t exactly turn out as he hoped. He is delayed in getting to Lizzie, who is sexually assaulted by the Field Marshal Henry Russell. When Thomas does arrive, his gun jams, but he grabs his target’s own pistol and shoots Russell dead.

Thomas's smug showdown with a supposedly defeated Darby Sabini is ruined when Campbell’s hired men of The Red Right Hand rush and kidnap Thomas, placing him in a vehicle and driving off.

Thomas is carted out to an abandoned field where he faces certain death. He faces his execution with a mixture of anger at the approaching end to his weary acceptance that death has stalked him much of his life. But after Thomas enjoys his final cigarette, one of the three would-be assassins shoots the other two in the head and leaves Thomas lying in a grave, confused and alive. The man says, “At some point in the near future, Mr. Churchill will want to speak to you in person, Mr. Shelby. He has a job for you.” He tells Thomas to go home.

Back in his office, Thomas speaks with Michael Gray, who wishes to work for him as the Shelby Company expands. Thomas makes an announcement that he's planning on getting married, though he does not state to whom.

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