Episode 2.5 Edit

Thomas is caught by surprise when his powerbase in London is obliterated, and when his brother Arthur Shelby Jr. and cousin Michael Gray are thrown in jail.

Thomas holds a family meeting to figure out how many losses the gang and their connections have taken due to the coppers raiding their bars and business setups. He meets with Inspector Campbell at The Catholic Church. Campbell simply informs Thomas that his reason for throwing Arthur and Michael in jail was to motivate Thomas to properly carry out his task of killing Henry Russell.

Thomas takes Grace Burgess to see Charlie Chaplin in person and ends up spending the night with her, where she tells him that she has been trying to have a baby with her husband, but that she may be the cause of her infertility issues. Thomas urges her to tell her husband the truth.

Thomas visits May Carleton and informs her that he can no longer continue their relationship as he still has feelings for Grace.

He also meets with Inspector Campbell to inform him of the new location of Henry Russell's assassination, which will take place at the Epsom racetrack on Derby day.

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