Episode 2.4 Edit

Thomas attends the funeral of the Digbeth Kid, only to get a slap in the face from a mourner, before paying off the family for their trouble.

He then makes his way to meet Inspector Campbell, who needs him to carry out another assassination, this time of Field Marshal Henry Russell. Upon arrival, he realizes Campbell and the pro-Treaty Irish Republicans have been working together all along. Thomas informs Campbell that Donal Henry is a spy reporting every word Campbell tells him back to the anti-treat Paddies, and that he’ll carry out the assassination is if Donal is killed. Henry’s body is soon found in a pile of coal, and Thomas starts planning the assassination.

In London, Arthur, whose cocaine habit is scaring his younger brother, leads the Blinders in tearing up the Eden Club belonging to Italian ganglord Darby Sabini

The Blinders are in need of a new accountant, and thus Thomas ends up arguing with Polly over whether or not he'll hire Michael for the job. They eventually come to an agreement. 

Thomas has hired May Carleton to train his new horse, whose name is Grace’s Secret. He invites himself over to May Carleton's mansion to see just how the other half live and get a progress report on his horse. Thomas then later ends up having sex with May later that night.

On Thomas's return to Birmingham he receives the details of his assignment from Campbell. Thomas assures Campbell that if he is killed, he’ll have Campbell killed as well. 

In Thomas’s office, he pulls out a letter, dials a number, asks to be connected to the Ritz Hotel in London, and waits. On the other end, a spiffy dude with a New York accent picks up. Thomas doesn’t say anything and disconnects from the line.

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