Episode 2.3 Edit

Thomas and his new recruits head to Camden Town to get to work with Alfie Solomons and his new army of bootleg distillers posing as bakers. The Peaky Blinders members are lead by Billy Kitchen, the "Head Baker".

Thomas meets up with Major Campbell, pointing out that the Birmingham police have amusingly put him up in a hostel run by a semi-retired prostitute and brothel owner, indicating that they know of Campbell's secret activities.

Along with his brothers John and Arthur, Thomas hires men to get themselves arrested overnight on purpose. One of their recruits is the Digbeth Kid, and the plan goes wrong when the boy gets murdered in his cell by Darby Sabini's men. Thomas calls a family meeting about the incident, and informs his family of his plan to buy a racehorse, thus giving them a credible reason to infiltrate the race courses dominated by Sabini's men.

At the auctions, Thomas meets the aristocratic May Carleton and sees in her an opportunity to move up in the world.

 As they are about to leave the auctions, Thomas and his gang are ambushed but they manage to kill the assailants and head back home.

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