Episode 2.2 Edit

Inspector Campbell meets Thomas in the hospital, threatening him. Thomas discharges himself out of the hospital, and with the medical help of Curly , heads to Camden Town to meet with Alfie Solomons . Upon his return, he informs Ada that he bought her a house in London, and proceeds to buy Polly Shelby another house in Birmingham, as her birthday present.

Thomas writes a letter to Campbell's handler Winston Churchill , asking for an export licence in return for going along with Campbell's plan for an assassination. 

Thomas is also able to discover what happened to Polly's children. The girl died of spring fever, but he locates the boy, Michael Gray . After meeting the boy, Thomas tells Polly that she must wait until he’s 18 years of age to meet him, otherwise the boy will be taken from her again.

Thomas also receives a letter from Grace, but he burns it before reading it.

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