Episode 1.5 Edit

Thomas tells Grace to mark a specific date on the business calendar—‘Black Star Day’, the day in which he will take out Billy Kimber and his men at the races.

An irishman named Malacki Byrne visits Thomas at The Garrison Pub, claiming that he is the cousin of one of the IRA men who had visited previously was shot and killed. He threatens Thomas, so Thomas admits that he has the stolen machine guns, but that he will sell them to him for the right price. Thomas later tells Inspector Campbell of Malacki's situation and makes a deal so that he can give Byrne to the police.

Malacki and Maguire enter the pub, where Grace is hidden at the back with a gun. Thomas speaks with them, and they tell him that they will kill him. Grace reveals herself and shoots Maguire dead, while Thomas fights with Malacki until finally killing him. The police enter far later than they had promised to Thomas, and take away the bodies.

After Inspector Campbell finds the machine guns in the fake grave of Danny Whizz-Bang, he hunts for Thomas at The Garrison Pub, but Grace takes Thomas to her home, thereby saving his life. At Grace’s small home, they have sex and Thomas asks her if she’ll stay with him.

Thomas comforts his brother Arthur after Arthur attempts suicide, despite the fact that Arthur had stolen money from the Shelby family for their father. He informs Arthur that he is now an equal shareholder of the Shelby Company Limited, and that he owns 1/3 of the company, as do Thomas and John.

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