Episode 1.4 Edit

Thomas leaves the Shelby home unattended (except for Scudboat) as John calls a family meeting. Upon re-arriving at the home, Thomas and his family find the place trashed, and they find wire cutters, indicating that somewhere a hand grenade is hidden. Thomas realizes the hand grenade is for him, and finds his brother Finn playing with his car. He saves Finn and throws the grenade, and tells Finn to never pretend to be him, as his life is in constant danger.

Thomas goes to the Lee family to settle the dispute between the Lees and the Shelbys once and for all, claiming that he is related to the Lee family on his mother’s side, Thomas tells them that he will be betraying Billy Kimber, and that he needs men to help. In exchange, he marries his brother John to a Lee family member named Esme to join their families.

Thomas delivers to Inspector Campbell the address of Stanley Chapman, a communist, instead of Freddie Thorne. Billy Kimber meanwhile hands Thomas the Shelby Company Limited’s first legal racetrack pitch.

Thomas brings Grace to the Catholic Church, knowing that she is a liar and confronts her about it. He also offers her a job and compliments her, telling her she has an air of class, and he kisses her. He gives Grace her first job, telling her to invite Ada to John’s wedding with Esme. After the wedding ceremony, Thomas allows Freddie to see his newborn son, but Grace reveals Freddie’s location to the police and Freddie is taken into custody.

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