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Tatiana Petrovna is a Russian Dutchess forced to flee Russia after the revolution

She was forced to flee Russia after the revolution.

Series 3

She is brought from London to Thomas Shelby by Sergeant Moss of the Birmingham Police. She gives the Peaky Blinders a case filled with 10,000 US Dollars in cash.

She barely speaks to Thomas, but is intrigued with his ability to carry out assassinations for the Crown.

It is revealed that Tatiana is to take a look at the vehicles in the Lanchester Motor Company that Thomas has prepared for the Russians.

At the Shelby Charity Foundation Dinner, Tatiana informs Thomas that the sapphire necklace Grace Shelby is wearing is "cursed by a gypsy", right before Grace is shot by an assassin.

She seduces Thomas and attempts to cure him of his sadness about his wife’s passing. In the end, she makes a deal with him to steal her family’s jewels so that he can return them to her and she can run away to another country where a lover is waiting for her.



She is the niece of Grand Duke Leon Petrovich Romanov and Grand Duchess Izabella Petrovna.


"Can you do it? Can you kill?" Tatiana to Thomas Shelby.

Right now, you hide inside it like a boy who's broken in through the window. Tatiana to Thomas Shelby.

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