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The Shelby Parlour
Betting shop Thomas arthur john.jpg
Vital statistics
Level 2
Location Small Heath, Birmingham
Inhabitants Peaky Blinders, Shelby Family

The Shelby Parlour is the home and headquarters of the Shelby Family and members of the Peaky Blinders, located on Watery Lane. There is comprised of small kitchen, a coal fireplace, a pantry that has been opened up to create a back room and, past the curtains, is an illegal betting shop. There are also separate rooms in which Tommy, John, Arthur, and Polly have separate offices.

The windows are boarded and the betting shop is usually buzzing with activity. At the back, there is a huge blackboard on which bets and odds are being chalked. Often, John Shelby can be seen standing at the blackboard. During Episode 1.1, we can see twenty bets all for the horse Monaghan Boy.

Horses seen written on the Blackboard (for the Kempton Races): Rockferry; Percy Piper; Monaghan Boy; Heaven's Gate; Drummer Boy; Sovereign; Smoking Gun; Bourbon.

In Series 1 the betting shop gets ransacked by the Lee Family.

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