The Shelby Family is a family from Birmingham, England, owning several cars and homes. This is the main setting of their business, Shelby Company Limited. They are associated with the Lee Family.

The Shelby Family
Direct Shelby line
Indirect Shelbys
Dead people
Charlie Strong
Mrs. Shelby
née Strong
Arthur Shelby Sr.
Polly Gray
née Shelby
Mr. Gray
Arthur Shelby Jr.
Linda Shelby
Tommy Shelby
Grace Shelby
née Burgess
Martha Shelby
John Shelby
Esme Shelby
née Lee
Ada Thorne
née Shelby
Freddie Thorne
Finn Shelby
Anna Gray
Michael Gray
Charlie Shelby
John's kid
John's kid
Katie Shelby
John's kid
Esme's son
Karl Thorne