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The Shelby Family is a small and wealthy family of Irish-Traveller descent originating from Birmingham, England. While being a small family, their influence is large and extends over a large portion of Birmingham and London. The Shelby Family run the Peaky Blinders and their own company, Shelby Company Limited.

As a wealthy family, the Shelby's own many cars, homes and properties such as the Garrison, the local public house in Small Heath. Through the marriage of John Shelby and Esme Shelby, the Shelby Family are closely linked with the Romany-Gypsy Lee Family.

Family Tree

Direct Shelby line
Indirect Shelbys
Dead people
Birdie Boswell
Charlie Strong
Mrs. Shelby
née Strong
Arthur Shelby Sr.
Polly Gray
née Shelby
Mr. Gray
Arthur Shelby Jr.
Linda Shelby
Grace Shelby
née Burgess
Tommy Shelby
Lizzie Shelby
née Stark
Martha Shelby
John Shelby
Esme Shelby
née Lee
Freddie Thorne
Ada Thorne
née Shelby
Ben Younger
Finn Shelby
Michael Gray
Gina Gray
Anna Gray
Billy Shelby
Charlie Shelby
Ruby Shelby
John's kid
John's kid
Katie Shelby
John's kid
Esme's kid
Esme's kid
Esme's kid
Karl Thorne
Ada's unborn child
Michael's unborn child