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Series 2 of Peaky Blinders aired on BBC Two on October 2, 2014 and ran for six episodes. It followed Series 1 and was followed by Series 3.


Set two years after the events of Series 1, it follows the Shelby family as they expand their business South and North while maintaining their stronghold in Birmingham, England. Beginning in 1921, it ends with a climax at Epsom racecourse on "Derby Day" which was 31 May 1922.


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Episode List

Image Title Number Airdate Writers Director
Episode 1 2.1 October 2, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Peaky Blinders picks up two years later, in 1921. Thomas reveals to his family that he plans to expand their successful business to London. Polly tries to find out what happened to her children, while Thomas, Arthur and John visit a jazz club run by Darby Sabini.
Episode 2.2 tommy.jpg
Episode 2 2.2 October 9, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Ada is rescued from Sabini’s men by Peaky Blinders members, while Thomas is in the hospital recovering. He discharges himself from the hospital and heads to Camden Town to meet Alfie Solomons. Arthur Shelby Jr. accidentally beats an opponent to death in a boxing ring, and Thomas receives a letter from Grace.
Episode 2.3 darby.jpg
Episode 3 2.3 October 16, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Whilst Irish gangs fight each other in Birmingham, Arthur is threatened by the mother of the boy he killed in the boxing match and who is not appeased by promises of money.
Episode 4 2.4 October 23, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Arthur spearheads a ferocious takeover of London's Eden Club; meanwhile Thomas and his new horse trainer become better acquainted.
Episode 5 2.5 October 30, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
Tommy's powerbase in London has been obliterated.
Episode 6 2.6 November 6, 2014 Steven Knight Colm McCarthy
As "Derby Day" arrives, Tommy is faced with impossible decisions as he prepares to strike back at his enemies and take the family business to the next level.