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The Peaky Blinders is the most powerful gang in England, and one of the most powerful gangs in the world. Initially founded in Birmingham after WWI, through Thomas Shelby's leadership, they began as an illegal bookmaking operation and eventually branched out to fixing races, bootlegging and car manufacturing.


They were established as the Shelby Company Limited in 1920. However, after the Wall Street Crash they began switching bootlegging to smuggling opium in order to raise enough capital to keep the company from going bankrupt. They have various legitimate businesses such as a distillery, automotive manufacturing factories, racetracks, etc.

Their rise to power was aided through Thomas Shelby's brains and initiative, and his transactional relationship with Winston Churchill, as Thomas kept doing favors for him and the Crown such as assassinations, arms deals, and gathering intelligence on radical political groups in England and abroad. Winston Churchill eventually repaid the favor by granting him an Empire export license to sell manufactured car parts while smuggling single malt Scotch whiskey that's hidden in the car parts. He slowly began to rise to power when he asked Churchill for an OBE, and ran for MP of Birmingham, eventually winning by a landslide, due to his considerable influence in the city.

Family Structure[]


  • 1919-1919 - Arthur Shelby - was often seen as the front boss while Tommy was the real "brains" behind the family.
  • 1919-1934/present - Tommy Shelby



  • 1919-1929 - Polly Gray - was both the second in command and an advisor.
  • 1924-1933 - Michael Gray - accountant and legal advisor. Leaves the family.




Known Members[]




Gang Members[]


  • The real Peaky Blinders were strongest in the 1890's. By the 1920's, the predominant gang in Birmingham was The Birmingham Gang, which had its roots in the pre-war Brummagem Boys Gang.
  • The real Peaky Blinders were unlikely to carry razor blades in their hats during the 1890's when the gang was really present. Razor blades were considered a luxury item and too expensive for the gang to own. The idea of razor blades hidden in caps has its roots in the novel A Walk Down Summer Lane by John Douglas.

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