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Mr. Zhang is the owner of a Chinese brothel-dry cleaning den. One of the prostitutes attached to the brothel is Chinn. Chinn was a prostitute, Campbell raped in season 1, episode 6.

It is implied by many including Inspector Campbell, his brothel is often visited by police men. While the men are paying for the girls, their clothes are being washed and dried.

His daughter Mei is a 'fortune telling girl' who supposedly put a spell on Thomas Shelby's horse at the start of Episode 1.1. That same horse won races two times in a row, which helped kick off the Shelby business. But any blessing Mei put in place, faded on the third race which the horse lost.

Mr. Zhang's dry cleaning service is used by most of the men we see on screen including Thomas Shelby, Saboni, Billy Kimber, Chester Campbell, and many more. As well any customer of the brothel.