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A list of the major races and the events that took place in Peaky Blinders.

Series 1

Kempton Races

  • Monaghan Boy: a black horse that had a powder trick performed on it by a Chinese girl.

Cheltenham Races

  • While at the Cheltenham Races, Grace Burgess pretended to be 'Lady Sarah of Connemara'.
  • The Peaky Blinders stop the Lee Family from stealing money from Billy Kimber's men.

Worcester Races

Series 2

Epsom Races

  • Grace's Secret: a grey horse bought by Thomas Shelby. Cared for by Curly, Charlie Strong and May Carleton
  • The auctioneer mentions that Grace's Secret is sired by The Tetrach from the mare Lady Josephine. Interestingly, a grey filly with the same breeding was born in 1921. Named Mumtaz Mahal, she went on the fastest two-year-old of all time.
  • The Peaky Blinders confiscate the takings of Sabini's men and burn all his licenses at gunpoint. Usually bringing a rifle to a race is worthy of a 20-year jail sentence, but on this day Thomas Shelby distracts all the coppers, allowing them to bring the weapons without getting into trouble with the police.
  • Location of the assassination of Field Marshal Henry Russell