Jeremiah "Jimmy" Jesus is an Afro-Caribbean local street preacher and a long time member of the Peaky Blinders. He fought in the war alongside Thomas Shelby, and has been a close ally ever since. He is the father of Isaiah.

Character History


Nothing much is known about Jeremiah, or his history before his involvement with the Peaky Blinders. He fought in the war alongside Thomas Shelby, but vowed never to pick up a weapon again after the end of the war. It is unknown if he turned to god after the war or was somewhat religious beforehand.

Series 1 - 1919

Jeremiah does not take much of an active involvement within the Peaky Blinders during their younger years — he provides mostly advice and religious support to the members. However, in Episode 1.6 when the Peaky Blinders take on Billy Kimber and the Birmingham Boys directly, he is involved in the fight. While he promised never to pick up a gun again after the war, Tommy asks Jeremiah to pick up a weapon and defend Small Heath once again, to which he agrees.

Series 3 - 1924

Similar to his earlier involvement with the Peaky Blinders, Jeremiah does not take much involvement, but does perform the marriage between Thomas Shelby and Grace Shelby, and this is his only appearance in Series 3.

Series 4 - 1925-1926

While Jeremiah does not take much part in Peaky Blinder business during 1925 — 1926, he is mentioned at John Shelby's funeral, where it is mentioned that he served with him during the war in France.



Jeremiah: "Do you, Thomas Micheal Shelby, take Grace Helen Burgess to be your lawful wedded wife?"
Thomas Shelby: "I do."
Jeremiah: "Do you, Grace Burgess, solemnly swear to love, honour and obey till death do you part?"
Grace Burgess: "I do"
Jeremiah: "I now pronounce you, husband and wife"


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