Isaiah Jesus is the son of the Afro-Caribbean street preacher Jeremiah Jesus and a Peaky Blinder. He is a close friend and companion of Finn Shelby and Michael Gray.

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Series 2 · 1922 Edit

Isaiah is one of the first friends that Michael makes when he becomes involved with the Peaky Blinders. The two become instant friends and, one night, decide to go drinking at a local pub, The Marquis of Lorne. When they arrive at the pub, one of the customers refuses to drink in the same pub as a black man. The man demands that Isaiah leave, however Isaiah refuses, remarking that the man should instead leave. Initially, the man does not know that Isaiah is a Peaky Blinder, nor that he is in fact with Michael Gray, and the two begin fighting with the men in the pub. The fight quickly comes to a halt, however, when the barman reveals that Michael is Polly Shelby's son — the men immediately stop the fight and apologise.

Series 3 · 1924Edit

Isaiah attends the wedding of Thomas Shelby and Grace Burgess, attempting to woo the ladies, he asks Tommy if cocaine is allowed at the wedding, however is immediately shut down, as Tommy bans cocaine for the day in an effort to impress Grace and her family. Along with the rest of the Shelby family and Peaky Blinders, he manages to obey Thomas' orders throughout the chaotic day.

Isaiah is involved in the meeting between the Peaky Blinders and Vicente Changretta, along with John and Arthur Shelby.

Series 3 · 1925 - 1926 Edit

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Michael GrayEdit

Isaiah is a close friend of Michael Gray, son of Polly Gray, and introduces him to the ins and outs of being a Peaky Blinder (such as drinking and smoking) when Michael first joined.

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Shame, it was a nice pub

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