Isaiah Jesus is the son of the Afro-Caribbean street preacher Jeremiah Jesus and a Peaky Blinder. He is a friend and companion of Finn Shelby and Michael Gray.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 2 · 1922Edit

Alongside Finn Shelby, he witnesses Arthur Shelby Jr. kill a young boy during a fight, but when Thomas asks the two the details of what happened, Isaiah refuses to speak, because he is not a member of the Shelby Family. Instead, Finn tells Thomas what happened.



Isaiah is a friend of Michael Gray, and convinces him to get drinks at The Marquis of Lorne. There, Isaiah and Michael get in a fight with a man who refuses to drink in the same bar with Isaiah and refers to him as a n-----.

The same bar is later trashed by Arthur Shelby Jr. and John Shelby, to uphold the reputation of the Peaky Blinders.

Series 3 · 1924Edit

Isaiah attends the wedding of Thomas Shelby and Grace Burgess and along with the rest of the Peaky Blinders, follows Thomas's orders throughout the chaotic day.

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Michael GrayEdit

Isaiah is a close friend of Michael Gray, son of Polly Gray, and introduces him to the ins and outs of being a Peaky Blinder (such as drinking and smoking) when Michael first joined.

Quotes Edit

‘Shame, it was a nice pub’

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