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Goliath is a Southern Counties Welterweight Cockney boxing Champion fighting against Bonnie Gold. Cockney-Jewish Alfie Solomons is the uncle, the protector and the promoter of him.


"I am the uncle, the protector and the promoter of that fucking thing right there, in whose shadow nothing good nor godly will ever fucking grow. That, there, right, is the Southern Counties Welterweight Champion. He is of mixed religion, therefore he is godless. He was adopted by Satan himself, before he was returned out of fear of his awkwardness, he is impossible to marry off, due to his lethal dimensions. his mother terrified, she's fucking abandoned him. And there he is, stood before you, like the first of some brand-new fucking species! Any man that you put before him, right, it'd be like entering a fucking threshing machine, mate. Now...will you offer your son?" --- Alfie Solomons tell about Goliath to Aberama Gold.

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