Gina Gray is the wife of Michael Gray. The two met when Michael was in the United States and fell in love. When Michael is recalled to Birmingham, England, Gina expresses her wish to return with him.

Character HistoryEdit

Series 5 · 1929Edit

Gina returns to Small Heath, Birmingham with Michael following the Wall St. Crash and the huge financial loss from Shelby Company Limited. She becomes infatuated with Shelby Company Limited and begins to advise Michael on further steps, possibly to take control of the company from Tommy.

Due to her marriage with Michael, she is privy to Shelby family meetings and is present when Michael announces his idea to restructure the company and take her, and their unborn child, back to the US. She initially stands by while

Tommy scoffs at Michael, before pressuring Michael to reveal to everyone that those in America no longer wish to deal with the Peaky Blinders.

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Michael Gray Edit

Gina is Michael's wife and the mother to their unborn child. She and Michael fell in love during Michael's time in America, but their history is not much known. She pressures Michael to move forward away from the Peaky Blinders and encourages him to seize control within Shelby Company Limited, despite his initially reserve. While she loves Michael, she does not wish to stay in Small Heath, but wishes to return with Michael to the US for the birth of their child.



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