"Episode 4.5 The Duel" is the fifth episode of Series 4 of Peaky Blinders and the twenty-third episode overall. It aired on December 13, 2017.

Episode 4.5
Season 4, Episode 5
Vital statistics
Air date December 13, 2017
Written by Steven Knight
Directed by David Caffrey
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Tommy prepares himself as the bloody battle lines are drawn between the Peaky Blinders and Changretta. A deal is struck - with potentially devastating consequences.

Plot Edit

Thomas Shelby finds himself engaged in bloody battle with Luca Changretta and his gang. The family gather to find out what happened, but Lizzie Stark has even greater news to break. Polly Shelby shares a rather magical woodland scene with Aberama Gold.

Meanwhile, an army colonel has questions for Ada Shelby about her past as a communist, and Jessie Eden confirms just how far she is prepared to go in pursuit of her cause. And sensing an opportunity to capitalise on his situation, Luca Changretta makes his way to London to present a plan to Alfie Solomons.


Music Edit

Red Right Hand - Iggy Pop & Jarvis Cocker

Saved These Words - Laura Marling

The Boy I Love is up in the Gallery - Dara Macmahon

Bring it On - Martin Slatterry and Antony Genn

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Quotes Edit

"Look, I didn't get Luca but I got three, all right? That's it." -- Thomas Shelby

"Tell them your grandmother was a gypsy princess, name of Birdie Boswell. You're royalty up there, Michael." -- Polly Gray to Michael Gray

Polly Gray : "Do you know a longer way back, Mr Gold?" Aberama Gold : "I know ways back that take forever."
"Came back when I put my head in the noose. It's like putting your head through a window and seeing the whole world. ... When you've put your head out of that window you can do anything you want, cos there are no rules, cos there are no risks." --Polly Gray to Aberama Gold
"None of your knives can kill me."--Polly Gray to Aberama Gold
“A beautiful ghost you are, and free.” - Aberama Gold to Polly Gray
"Tommy Shelby is going to stop the revolution with his cock." -- Ada Shelby to Thomas Shelby
"Why not?" -- Thomas Shelby
"You've never been a friend of the government. They've used you. Now I image you've found out already that no amount of money allows you to pass through the steel sheets that separate class from class." -- Jessie Eden to Thomas Shelby
"Tiger's already out." -- Bonnie Gold to Arthur Shelby
"You will have to add another tonne on to your bill for being a cunt, mate." -- Alfie Solomons to Luca Changretta

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