Season 4, Episode 2
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Air date November 22, 2017
Written by Steven Knight
Directed by David Caffrey
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"Episode 4.2" is the second episode of Series 4 of Peaky Blinders and the twentieth episode overall. It aired on November 22, 2017.


As the Shelbys come to terms with shocking events, Tommy makes a decision he may come to regret. Meanwhile, a bold new enemy makes his move.


After some shocking events of Christmas Day that led to the death of Thomas Shelby's brother John Shelby, Thomas endeavors to unite his family. Until the current threat is dealt with, their only safe place is together in Small Heath. Johnny Dogs and Charlie Strong set about arming the locals - everyone is now a Peaky bodyguard. Thomas Shelby enlists the help of tough Romany Gypsy Aberama Gold, who wants something unusual in return. == Jessie Eden confronts Thomas Shelby about the workers' pay. She warns him that revolution is in the air, and when Thomas Shelby doesn't relent she calls his bluff. As the situation plays out, Thomas Shelby's factory manager tells him he has one more meeting - with a mysterious businessman from Paris. But what transpires is no ordinary meeting with no ordinary businessman.


Music Edit

The Mercy Seat (Live from KCRW) - NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS


The Longing - IMELDA MAY

Further On Up the Road - JOHNNY CASH

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Quotes Edit

"I don't need good men for this Johnny, I need bad men." Thomas Shelby to Johnny Dogs

"That's the language of vendetta. They took one of ours, we take two of theirs." Thomas Shelby to Polly Gray

"I’m gonna get better slowly. But you need to get better fast. Without you, he falls apart; and without him they’ll take us all. You’ve got to get us through this."  Michael Gray to Polly Gray

"Everything is for sale. Everything." - Aberama Gold to Thomas Shelby

"I never thought my high fucking heels from Paris would be stepping through the whole shit of Small Heath ever again." -Polly Gray to Ada Shelby & Lizzie Stark
"When you're dead already you're free."-Polly Gray to Thomas Shelby
"Yeah, there's 15 of them. Yeah, they want to kill us all. But we've got guns and grenades and Aunt Polly's back, so it's going to be OK. Yeah." Curly to May Carleton
"I could fight a fucking tree and knock it out, Mr Shelby." - Bonnie Gold to Thomas Shelby
"I heard you dress well, Mr. Shelby. But now I see, not so well as me." - Luca Changretta to Thomas Shelby

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