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"Episode 3.2" is the second episode of the third series of Peaky Blinders and the fourteenth episode overall. It aired on May 12th, 2016.


Tommy discovers the extent of the mission given to him and the extreme lengths his new paymasters are willing to go to in their quest for power. Meanwhile his own family's activities lead to escalating danger in Birmingham.


Thomas Shelby meets with a man and pays him in exchange for entrance to a Lanchester Motor Company. Within the factory are 27 armored vehicles, which are part of a business deal between him and Father John Hughes.

Father John Hughes

At Charlie Strong’s Yard, Thomas meets with Father Hughes. He was supposed to meet Hughes with men of “Section D”, but they fail to show up. Nevertheless, after exchanging a few unpleasantries, they discuss Thomas’s mission: supplying Russians with weapons to mount a revolution in Soviet Georgia and defeat the communist enemies of the British State. 

Later that day, Arthur Shelby Jr. and John Shelby, along with Isaiah, Finn, Curly and Charlie Strong, meet with the Italian Vicente Changretta, father of Lizzie Stark’s prospective partner, Angel Changretta, in the place of Thomas. During the meeting, John threatens Vicente. Insulted, the Italians leave, saying they went too far. Arthur suggests that John apologise, which sends him into a rage.

Thomas meeting with Leon Romanov.

Thomas visits Ada Shelby in the library, asking for a book on the Russian Revolution — he reads a page about Petrovich Romanov. Ada asks Thomas about the Russian who was at his wedding, Anton Kaledin, and what happened to him. Thomas doesn’t answer, only suggesting that she’s bored with her current work.

At the Shelby family home in Birmingham, Polly Shelby confronts John about his threat to Vicenta Changretta, informing him that the man is publicly threatening to kill him. Polly tells John that she has Lizzie in charge of the situation, who will be breaking up with Angel and apologising, hopefully to fix the problem. 

Thomas visits the Ritz Hotel to meet with Mr. Romanov. He finds out that the man is in debt, and when he meets with him, he discusses the man’s financial situation with him. Mr. Romanov surprises Thomas by telling him that his appearance of being in poverty is simply a facade, and proceeds to pay him for his murder of Anton Kaledin (as well as for future services) in the form of an enormous sapphire.

John ambushes Angel Changretta and beats him up along with his henchman. He cuts Angel’s eye with the razors blades in his cap and demands the mobsters stay away from Lizzie Stark.

Thomas has a brief family meeting with the Shelbys about John’s actions. To the surprise of Arthur and Polly, Thomas sides with John and proceeds to lose his temper explaining why—that apologising to the other side only weakens them. He tells them to burn down two of the Changretta pubs: the Wrexem and the Five Bells. He tells Arthur that he’s getting soft and weak due to his newfound religious beliefs.

It is revealed that Leon Romanov plans to kill Thomas once he is done getting what he wants from him.

Grace and Thomas in their home.

Grace Shelby speaks with Thomas at their home about the dinner for the Shelby Charity Foundation. Thomas gives Grace the sapphire given to him by Mr. Romanov, and tells her to wear it at the charity dinner event.

Arthur tells his wife Linda that he’ll be going out to do paperwork, though Linda suspects that he’s up to something. Instead, he pays Sergeant Moss to keep the police away from Nechells, and the Peaky Blinders proceed to destroy the Changretta pubs there as planned. Conflicted, Arthur heads home instead of going to the Garrison Pub, which angers John.

The next morning, Thomas finds John having sex with his wife Esme at their bookies. He grabs two guns and sends pregnant Esme away from potential danger. He tells John that there are two trucks full of London coppers outside. The coppers burst in, grabbing Esme, and John and Thomas are outnumbered. They take Thomas with them to a prison cell, where he is greeted by Father Hughes and a trained dog. Hughes tells Thomas that he will kill Ada if he visits her again. He also tells him that he has easy access to his son, Charles Shelby, and hints that he could have the boy killed at any time.

Thomas rushes home to protect his son and discovers that the boy is fine, but finds a card under his pillow. On the back of the card reads “Charles Shelby—R.I.P.”

Ruben Oliver, hired by Polly to paint her portrait, visits and is rendered speechless when he finds her made up and in an elegant dress. Ada, sensing the romantic tension, attempts to force Polly into inviting him to the Charity Foundation Dinner, but Polly declines.

Tatiana Petrovna

During the dinner, Father Hughes and Patrick Jarvis show up, catching Thomas unawares, and they meet secretly in the concert hall. They tell Thomas that the Russians want to inspect the vehicles he has prepared for them, and that the Duke has sent his niece Tatiana Petrovna to have a look. Thomas declines to take her to the factory but they give him no choice.

Tatiana appears at the dinner and tells Thomas that the sapphire Grace is wearing was cursed by a gypsy. Thomas attempts to get Grace to take off the necklace, telling her he cannot have anything bad happen to her and that he needs her.

Grace and Thomas

A man enters and shouts “For Angel!”, shooting Grace in the upper chest. The Peaky Blinders brutally beat the man, and the dinner event turns to chaos as Thomas shouts for an ambulance for Grace.


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  • Father Hughes refers to Admiral Hall and the Economic League which he also refers to as Section D. The Economic League was an organisation of industrialists, directors of newspaper, and high-ranking military officers, founded by MP Admiral William Reginald Hall in 1919. It's chief function was to keep track of communist and left-wing troublemakers.


Father Hughes (to Thomas Shelby): "My God. Some devil gets into you, doesn't it, boy?"

Ada Thorne: "What business do you have with Russians, Tommy?"
Thomas Shelby: "Can I rip this page out?"
Ada Thorne: "No, you cannot rip that page out. Property of the people."

John Shelby (to Polly Shelby): "What are you talking about? We run London. We run the North, run the whole fucking country."

Thomas Shelby (to Grace Shelby): "Grace, this is fucking Birmingham. Good taste is for people who can't afford sapphires."

Thomas Shelby (to Father Hughes): "I feel like I'm in a tunnel now. You know that feeling, when you have to kill or be killed."

Thomas Shelby (to Father Hughes): "You know, gentlemen, there is hell and there is another place below hell. I will remember everything and forget nothing."

Ruben Oliver (to Ada Shelby): "To me, politics is deliberately making things better for some people by deliberately making them worse for others."

Ruben Oliver (to Polly Shelby): "It's yours. It belongs on you. A woman of substance and class. Believe me. I've painted many women who don't belong in their expensive dresses."
Tatiana Petrovna: "Have you not heard? We have no morals, we Russians."
Thomas Shelby: "And no fucking sense."
Tatiana Petrovna: "And no options."

Thomas Shelby (to Grace Shelby): "Grace, look at me. Fuck these people. Fuck 'em. I need you to be all right. I need you, Grace. I need you."


Last.fm_play.png "Used To Be My Girl" – The Last Shadow Puppets
Last.fm_play.png "Crying Lightning" – Arctic Monkeys
Last.fm_play.png "I Might Be Wrong" – Radiohead
Last.fm_play.png "This Is Love" – PJ Harvey

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