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"Dangerous" is the fourth episode of Series 4 of Peaky Blinders and the twenty-second episode overall. It aired on December 6, 2017.


In a daring cat and mouse chase, will Tommy be outwitted by his enemies? And with the return of an old friend, Tommy tries to distract himself with other pursuits.


Mrs. Ross meets with Tommy.

Mrs. Ross visits Thomas on the eve of her sons twenty-first birthday — had he have lived — announcing that she is having a gathering, and would like Arthur to be in attendance. Mrs. Ross proposes his attendance as an act of pseudo-forgiveness, but secretly, the gathering is a trap by Luca Changretta. Unknown to Mrs. Ross, Tommy intuits the plan by her strong insistence and rallies the Peaky Blinders, giving them guns and formulating a counter-plan to ward off Changretta and his men.

With the Peaky Blinders watching, Arthur arrives at Mrs. Ross' apartment where she checks him for weapons, stating that she does not allow firearms in her house. She offers Arthur tea while they wait "for the other guests" — Changretta's men. In the meantime, Ross questions the rumours that Arthur has welcomed Jesus into his life. He reveals that it is true, but is aware that forgiveness is not in the cards for him. Outside, the Blinders take up watch at their posts. Finn, spotting men in fedoras, struggles to take action, but soon the men leave without incident. Not long after, a car that had approached Tommy’s lookout abrubtly backs away, revealing itself to be a decoy sent by Changretta to distract the Blinders from his true motive.

Luca threatens Michael at gun point, sending a message to Polly

Luca arrives at the hospital, and it is revealed that Michael is Changretta's actual target. Changretta points the gun at Michael's head, pulling the trigger. However, the hammer click against an empty chamber and Luca tells Michael that he and Polly have a deal. When Tommy and Arthur arrive, Michael tells them that the gun misfired and Changretta ran away, hiding the truth about his mother from Tommy.

Luca attemtps to cross a bridge while leaving town, but finds that the path is blocked by a gypsy wagon broken down on the road. There is a police officer at the scene, who tells Changretta that the wagon will be moved in the next twenty minutes. Angry, he suggests that he moves the wagon himself. When trying to do so, he is shot at by Aberama Gold and his men, killing his driver and one of the people traveling with him. Tommy later visits Aberama and his son in order to pay him, with Aberama insisting that he pays more for the two men they killed. Tommy reluctantly agrees, but disapproves of their shooting a police officer in the arm and allowing Changretta to get away — he promises that if he was to cross paths with Luca things would not go down the same way.

At the hospital, Michael confronts Polly over Changretta's words, asking what he meant by the deal. She admits that it would only be the two of them leaving for Australia, and Michael confirms that she cut a deal to hand over Tommy. Michael disagrees with the plan, remarking that they don't do things like that to their own. Polly, however cannot see reason, but only her belief that she’s protecting her son from the mafia.

Tommy brings May to Birmingham, England to discuss his horse.

Tommy brings May Charleton to Birmingham, who brings news of the horse he has purchased, including that she is to be named "Dangerous", after a horse that won the Epson Darby in the late 19th century. Tommy questions May's motive for coming to Birmingham, with her revealing that she thought he would be changed by the death of both his wife and brother. Lizzie interrupts the meeting, bringing the end of accounts for the "Grace Shelby Institute", however he remarks that he has already signed them off. Lizzie uses this as an opportunity to mock May, comparing her to shirts made in London. May disregards Lizzie's words, writing a blank check as a donation to the institute — she insists that Tommy decides the value of the check. Tommy reveals that there are no trains until tomorrow, therefore May will have to stay in Birmingham for the night.

Polly draws the black star in Tommy's diary.

At the betting shop, Polly receives a call from Luca, questioning why she has not delivered Tommy yet. He warns her that they can get to Michael any time and will kill him if she does not deliver. She goes looking for Tommy, but finds Lizzie instead, who she questions about Tommy's diary for the following week. Lizzie reveals that he has a Friday free, to which Polly tells Lizzie to ensure he keeps it free, while drawing a black star in the diary — similar to the one used to stipulate the day Billy Kimber was to be killed — while also revealing that Lizzie is pregnant after reading her tea leaves.

Niall reveals to Tommy that the strikers have blocked the roads, but the police are too busy to deal with it. Niall admits that factories and mines are shut with coal running out and thinks perhaps the communists may win. He fears that he will be shot for his actions of being a traitor to his class. With this, Tommy calls Ada asking for her help with something.

Tommy meets again with May, questioning her opinion on his gin, to which she replies it's a little too sweet. Tommy laughs, remarking that some have said it isn't sweet enough, showing her his large collection of gin and whiskey. He reveals that he has been sending whiskey and other spirits to the US, particularly Boston and Nova Scotia. He plans to produce over 200 crates per week, but needs to perfect the recipe first, again asking for May's opinion, but again she remarks that the gin is too sweet. The two kiss before getting into a heated discussion over Tommy's bad habits.

Arthur takes Finn to Mrs. Ross' apartment, revealing that he is gifting the apartment to him in hopes of keeping the surrounding residents in order. However Finn fears that he will never meet Peaky expectations as he is not John and would not be able to pull the trigger. Arthur admits that he knows, but Finn is his brother and in the end they do not decide who lives and dies, that decision lies with God.

Jessie Eden and Ada Thorne discuss the pay discrepancies.

Ada attends a seminar given by Jessie, asking if she can take her for a drink at the local pub. Jessie laughs at the idea of two unaccompanied women being served in a pub, however Ada admits that she is sure that they will have no trouble. When they arrive at the pub, they are first refused, but when the bartender realises that Ada is a Shelby, he serves them with no trouble. The two discuss the pay discrepancy between men and women working in Shelby Company factories. Ada reveals that Tommy is willing to pay equally if Jessie has dinner with him to discuss socialism and communism. She initially declines, reciting that Tommy must be scared that the communists are going to win, however Ada insists that the dinner must happen.

Meanwhile, Alfie visits Small Heath, having heard of Tommy's troubles with the Changrettas. Alfie is concerned about the police man that got shot, revealing that the Italians are still using Darby Sabini for vehicles and places to stay. He reveals that there are 11 in total, which is enough to take down Tommy. Tommy remarks that he is only interested in knowing what side Alfie is playing for, however Alfie remarks that Tommy will be dead soon, therefore it doesn’t matter. Aberama interrupts the meeting, questioning who Alfie is, with Alfie simply asking if Bonnie is willing to fight one of his men. Bonnie interrupts, telling Tommy to name the day of the fight.

Michael temporarily transfers duties to Ada.

Completing his tasks for the weekend, Tommy visits Michael to wrap up paperwork pertaining to the temporary transfer of his duties to Ada. Michael waivers on telling Tommy about his mother’s deception and wishes him a good weekend as Tommy leaves. As Tommy drives of, he is followed in a truck full of Changretta's men, tipped off by Polly, who watches the cars as they drive off.



  • The episode is named after a horse previously purchased by Thomas Shelby and entrusted to the care of May Carleton.
    • This is also the name of a horse that won the Epsom Darby in the early 1880s.


Alfie Solomons: ”He was adopted by Satan himself but was returned for fear of awkwardness”

Polly Shelby (to Michael Gray): "Men don't have the strategic intelligence to conduct a war between families. Men are less good at keeping secrets out of their lies."

May Carleton: "You... have lost your wife, and now your brother too. I thought it would make you different, but it doesn't seem to change you. Nothing seems to change you."

Charlie Strong (to May Carleton): "The man you're waiting for doesn't exist."
Curly: "Wh-while you're waiting for the man who doesn't exist, would you like to try some of his gin?"

May Carleton: The truth? You're unlike any man I've ever met."

Thomas Shelby: (to Niall Devlin): "I'm not a traitor to my class... I'm just an extreme example of what a working man can achieve."

Arthur Shelby: (to Finn Shelby): "In the end, it's God who pulls that fucking trigger anyway. We don't get to decide who lives and who dies."

Aberama Gold: "The copper's alive, got a description of the Italians, the Italians will be forced underground. We're gypsies, we're already underground."

Alfie Solomons: "All right, the problem, right, between rum and gin is that gin, it leads to the melancholy, whereas rum incites violence and it also allows you to be liberated from the self doubt. Right here, you are probably more in need of the old rum."

Michael Gray (to Thomas Shelby): "Have a good weekend."


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