Curly is a stable boy and ferryman who often works in Charlie Strong's Yard. Thomas Shelby tells May Carleton that Curly's the best horseman in England.


Curly is a diddicoy who is totally bald and wears a dark suit and a gold earring. He walks with a trot and is simple minded, however, he knows horses like no one else.

Series 1

Series 2

Two years later (1922)

In Episode 2.4, Thomas calls Curly 'the best horseman in England' while he shows May his horse, Grace's Secret.

Series 3

Two years later (1924)


Charlie Strong

Curly is a close friend and employee of Charlie Strong. He works as a stable boy in his yard.

Thomas Shelby

Curly is a friend of Thomas Shelby and a fellow member of the Peaky Blinders

The two trained and cared for Grace's Secret, Thomas' race-horse.


"No heart in motorcars, I can't talk to them." Curly in Episode 1.3

"Yeah, there's 15 of them. Yeah, they want to kill us all. But we've got guns and grenades and Aunt Polly's back, so it's going to be OK. Yeah." Curly to May Carleton

"Wh-while you're waiting for the man who doesn't exist, would you like to try some of his gin?" Curly to May Carleton

"Charlie, Curly, this is Jessie Eden. Jessie, this is my uncle Charlie and my... whatever Curly is."  Thomas Shelby

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