Bonnie Gold is a young gipsy, a son of Aberama Gold. This fierce fighter has the biggest ambitions of joining the exclusive world of professional boxing. And he needs the help of Thomas Shelby to succeed.

Character HistoryEdit


Bonnie Gold is a gypsy boy from a dangerous family, the son of an assassin, a powerful man Aberama Gold but has no intention on following in the family footsteps. His objective is to become a boxing champion. His father Aberama says Bonnie's got his dad's strength and his mother's temper.

Series 4 Edit

His father Aberama Gold is hired by Thomas Shelby when Luca Changretta sets on revenge against the entire Shelby family.

Ep4 2 Bonnie Gold

Bonnie kills an Italian assassin.

During John Shelby's funeral burning, the Peaky Blinders are nearly attacked by Luca’s men. They’re saved by Aberama and Bonnie. Bonnie Gold kills one of snipers whose gun aims at his father. Later He lives with his father at Charlie Strong's Yard where his father tries to convince Thomas to sell this property.

According to Aunt Polly's suggestion, Thomas asks Aberama what's else he wants. Aberama admits that he wants Tommy to help his son, Bonnie, to achieve his ambition of becoming a professional boxer.

Ep4 4 Bonnie gold

Bonnie Gold with the Peaky cap

Agreeing to see what the lad is made of, Thomas sets up a bout for him at the factory against one of his workers who used to be a champion boxer, Billy Mills to fight against him. Although Bonnie is a young small amateur Welterweight boxer, he has no trouble knocking down heavyweight Billy. Thomas and Arthur Shelby agree to have Bonnie on sport business. He is also given a cap that make him a Peaky Blinders' new son.
Ep4 4 Bonnie Gold

Bonnie gold shoots Luca's man.

After Luca Changretta storms the hospital where Michael Gray is, Thomas calls Charlie Strong and gives him order to pass along to Bonnie. His mob open fire at Luca's vehicle. He kill one of Luca’s men, however Luca manages to escape.
Aberama Bonnie Gold

Bonnie Gold and his father Aberama Gold

Bonnie is sent to the trainer King Maine for training, before promoting precocious Bonnie as a professional. He says to Thomas that he don't want the wasted life, 40 years old having done fuck all except tramping the lanes. He wants to be the champion.

Finally Bonnie is registered and set up for his first fight against a Southern Counties Welterweight Cockney boxing Champion names of GoliathAlfie Solomons, a promoter and uncle of Goliath, swaggers to Aberama about his dangerous nephew but Bonnie doesn’t seem worried, despite being outsized.

According to Polly's plan, her son Michael Gray is sent into hiding with the gypsies. While reluctant Michael speaks disrespectfully to the gypsies, Gypsy boy Bonnie reminds Michael of Michael's gypsy blood. Then he leads his men taking Michael out into the woods.

Episode4 6a

Bonnie Gold and Goliath

In the night of boxing match between he and the giant Goliath. Bonnie takes a serious beating before springing to life and knocking out Goliath in the fourth round on the instructions of his father Aberama Gold, to claim a 20% cut courtesy of the Peaky Blinders. Bonnie finishes his opponent in the fourth. Second later, Thomas enters the ring and tells everyone about Arthur’s death.

Ep4 6 Thomas Polly Lizzie Aberama Bonnie Isaiah

Bonnie joins the Peaky Blinders' party

In the end, Shelbys finish Changrettas and end the war. Later, the Peaky Blinders celebrate their victory where he's with his father.

Relationships Edit

Aberama Gold Edit

Ep4 6 Aberama Bonnie King

Bonnie Gold and his father Aberama Gold

Aberama Gold is his father and his trainer. His father loves him and will do anything to help him achieve his ambition. Bonnie’s not a killer, he hasn’t got bad blood but he’s helping his father out a few times.

Thomas Shelby Edit

He uses Thomas for his ambition in order hand Thomas uses Bonnie as a business prospect.


"I could fight a fucking tree and knock it out, Mr Shelby." - Bonnie Gold to Thomas Shelby

“I see myself. 40 years old having done fuck all except tramping the lanes. I see my life wasted.” - Bonnie Gold to Thomas Shelby
"Tiger's already out." -- Bonnie Gold to Arthur Shelby
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