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Black Star Day
Black Star Day: Billy Kimber and his gang vs. the Peaky Blinders
Black Star Day: Billy Kimber and his gang vs. the Peaky Blinders
Vital statistics
Type Event
Level Unknown
Location Small Heath, Birmingham, in front of The Garrison Pub on Garrison Lane
Inhabitants The Peaky Blinders, Billy Kimber and his gang, Ada Shelby and Freddie Thorne


Black Star Day was the day in which the Peaky Blinders gang betrayed and took down Billy Kimber and his Italian gang.


During Episode 1.5, Thomas Shelby tells Grace Burgess to mark "Black Star Day" on the calendar while she is organizing their books.

Grace, being undercover, presents this information to Inspector Campbell, who in turn makes sure that his policemen inform Billy Kimber of the planned betrayal.

This leads to Billy Kimber and his gang arriving in front of The Garrison Pub, to Thomas's surprise. (They were instead supposed to be at the Worcester Races, where Kimber's men were supposed to be ambushed by the Peaky Blinders and the Lee family).

A gang fight ensues between the Peaky Blinders and Kimber's men. Though Kimber has more men and weapons, The Peaky Blinders have a single large machine gun amongst them that Inspector Campbell was unable to retrieve (as it was not inside Danny Whizz-Bang's old grave). All of a sudden, Ada Shelby rushes between the two sides, with her son in a stroller, and tries to get them to ceasefire. Kimber voices his agreement that none of his men should die, but proceeds to shoot Thomas (non-fatally) in the chest, and subsequently Danny Whizz-Bang, who dies on the cobblestones from the injury, but Kimber is ultimately defeated when Thomas Shelby shoots him in the head with a single blow from his handgun. The rest of Kimber's men retreat back to their homes, having lost.

It is revealed that the day was a greater success for the Peaky Blinders than initially planened. Due to the fact that Kimber's men were not at the Worcester Races, the Lee family were able to take all the pitches successfully.