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William Arthur ‘Billy’ Shelby is the first child of Arthur and Linda Shelby. He first appears in The Noose.


Series 4 • 1924

On the first episode of season 4, Billy is seen being held by his father Arthur Shelby, outside in their garden collecting chicken eggs. Linda Shelby then comes outside reminding Arthur to be careful with Billy around the chickens, and to not smoke near him. Later on in the season, Billy is seen being held by his mother, in the living room of their house in Birmingham. Arthur then comes home drunk, so Linda puts Billy to bed upstairs. Billy is last seen being held by his mother, at his supposedly dead father’s funeral.



“I’m gonna have a baby Arthur” - Linda Shelby to Arthur Shelby

“There you go, look. That’s a couple of eggs. Two eggs. - Arthur Shelby to Billy Shelby