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Corporal Billy Kitchen was a Black Country man who briefly worked as "Head Baker" for Thomas Shelby and Alfie Solomons. While he posed as a baker, he in fact worked undercover as a member of the Peaky Blinders during their deal with Solomons.

Character History


The Black Country man served during the war with Thomas Shelby. Like Thomas, he won medals during the war and after the war was over, he threw them in the cut.

He took a bullet when the Sheffield mob showed up at the Wincanton Racing Track. He was cleared for medical by the time Thomas took him on to work.

Series 2 · 1922

He is part of the Shelby's payroll as Head Baker, with 100 men under his command, under the guidance of Alfie Solomons and Thomas Shelby.

The Black Country men and the Brummies used to be on opposite sides, not even allowing Shelbys to let their boats pass through without being robbed, but since Billy's hiring, the two groups are on the same side again.

During Episode 2.4, Billy heads with the Peaky Blinders to London, England to attack The Eden Club before heading back to Birmingham.

When Alfie Solomons switches sides and stops working with Thomas, and instead with Sabini, Billy and Arthur Shelby Jr. find themselves in a trap. Billy expresses concern to Arthur when the doors are shut, but decides to stay anyway. Alfie Solomons ends up informing the two that Thomas and the Peaky Blinders are no longer Alfie's allies by attacking both Arthur and Billy at a meeting. Minutes later, Billy is shot dead by one of Alfie's men.


Thomas Shelby

Billy and Thomas are good friends, having worked together alongside one another during the war. There is an element of respect for one another, as Tommy drafts Billy into the ranks of the Peaky Blinders to work undercover, giving him the title "head baker".


Thomas Shelby: "It's been a long time, eh, Billy? What did you do with your medals?"
Billy Kitchen: "Threw them in the cut. Same as you."
Thomas: "It was never a hardship having you Black Country boys on our left flank."
Billy: "And you Brummies did all right on our right."
John Shelby: "Damn right."

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