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Bethany Boswell is a wise old Gypsy woman living in Wales who Thomas Shelby seeks out to find out if the sapphire he gave to Grace was indeed cursed as he was told by Tatiana Petrovna. She and Polly Shelby's mother, Birdie Boswell have the same surname.

Character History

SERIES 3 · 1924

Thomas has hopped in his caravan with his son Charles and Johnny Dogs, and is heading to Wales with the ‘cursed’ sapphire necklace. There he meets with Bethany Boswell, a gypsy who he asks to confirm that the piece of jewellery is bestowed with some sinister force, not necessarily because he believes it, but to be absolved of his guilt. Leaving the necklace with the woman, he’s able to return to some sense of normality.


The Boswells were for centuries one of England's largest and most important Gypsy families. The Boswell clan were a large extended family of Travellers, and in old Nottinghamshire dialect the word bos'll was used as a term for Travellers and Romani in general.