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"Ben Younger was an officer in the Warwickshire Yeomanry In Flanders. The only cavalry man who could ride a fucking horse."
Thomas Shelby

Colonel Ben Younger was head of army intelligence officers who arrived in Birmingham and arrested Ada Shelby over her Communist past.

He later strikes a deal with Thomas Shelby regarding information about both the Communist and Fascist Party.

Character History


According To Thomas Shelby, Ben Younger was an officer in the Warwickshire Yeomanry in Flanders, Belgium and stated that he was the only cavalry man who could actually ride a horse, indicating that Thomas has a degree of respect for Younger as a soldier.

Series 4


Ada Shelby

What seemed to be only business at first regarding trading information about the Communist Party at the behest of Tommy, Ada and Ben grew close and their relationship soon turned passionate which resulted in Ada becoming pregnant with Younger’s child. Unfortunately, Ben never discovered this as he was killed before Ada got the chance to tell him. Upon discovery of Ben’s death, Ada was distraught and upset claiming she didn’t love him but she did like him. Now her new child will be fatherless like their elder brother Karl.


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