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Audrey Changretta is the mother of Luca Changretta, a New York mafioso with a vendetta against the Shelbys, wife of Vicente Changretta, head of Italian gang in Birmingham who is the enemy of the Peaky Blinders.

Character History


Audrey Changretta was John and Arthur's school teacher. She was a good teacher. She was kind to Arthur and often looked the other way. She knows Polly Shelby's mother and she taught her how to read.

SERIES 3 · 1924

Her husband Vicente Changretta hires an assassin to kill Thomas Shelby but shot Grace Shelby. The Peaky Blinders kill her child Angel Changretta and hunt her and her husband. Arthur and John refuse to follow orders from Thomas to kill her and instead let her board the ship to America. She begged for them both to be allowed to live, but she was forced to allow them to take her husband away to be killed. Vicente actually encouraged her to take the offer of mercy, knowing the 'rules' of gang warfare would not allow him to live.

SERIES 4 · 1925-1926

She gives her oldest son Luca Changretta, a New York mafia, the information about the Peaky Blinders before he comes to do vendetta with the Peaky Blinders. In Arthur Shelby's fake funeral she comes to negotiate with Thomas, Polly and Finn Shelby.


"Who did you think you were, Mr Shelby?" -- Audrey Changretta to Thomas Shelby