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Angel Changretta is the son of Italian gangster Vicente Changretta and Audrey Changretta.

Character History

SERIES 3 · 1924

Angel is revealed to be the love interest of Lizzie Stark.  The night before the wedding of Thomas and Grace, Angel’s restaurant is burnt down by the Peaky Blinders to prevent him from coming to the wedding with Lizzie Stark. Lizzie confronts Michael and Arthur about this.

Michael reveals that they checked Angel’s background, and that he has had five different names in the last six years, and has connections with enemies of the Peaky Blinders, making him an unsuitable partner for Lizzie.

When Angel's father goes to confront Arthur and John about this, they threaten Angel's wellbeing. Vicente's threatening John's life causes John to go and beat up Angel, and to thrash then cut him over the eye with the razor blades on his cap. Angel is later seen in a poor state at a hospital, convulsing and yelling in pain.

In revenge, Angel's father hires a man to shoot Thomas at the Shelby Charity Foundation Dinner. Grace is shot instead by mistake.

In further retaliation, not only is the hitman brutally beaten, likely to death, but the Shelbys later assassinated Angel in his hospital bed.


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