Ada Thorne (née Shelby) is the fourth and only female of the Shelby sibling. She's the Head of Acquisitions of the Shelby Company Limited. She's a Communist. She married a known Communist Freddie Thorne and has his son, Karl Thorne.

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Ada is from the criminal Gypsy family the Shelbys. She is the daughter of Arthur Shelby Sr. and the only female of the Shelby siblings. Her father walked out on his five children, and her mother died. The children were raised by their Aunt Polly.

Series 1 · 1919 Edit


Ada and Karl Thorne

Ada is in a secret romantic relationship with known Communist and Thomas's ex-best friend, Freddie Thorne. In the midst of a police raid, Freddie is forced to leave Birmingham. Ada soon discovers that she is pregnant with Freddie's child. Uncertain about her future with Freddie, she heeds Polly's advice and plans to abort the child. However, Freddie shows up at the train platform when Polly and Ada are on their way to Cardiff for the planned abortion. Freddie proposes on the train platform, and they are eventually married.

Series 2 · 1922 Edit


Thomas and Ada at Freddie's Funeral

Following Freddie's death from consumption (Tuberculosis), Ada has moved to London. Her support for the Communist cause leads to a disapproval of the lifestyle of her family and this results in her self-imposed isolation from the Shelby clan. However, Thomas still pays her visits and looks out for her welfare. Ada accepts his concern but is still critical of his lifestyle.

Series 3 · 1924 Edit

Episode 3 3 a

Ada and her aunt Polly Gray

Series 4 · 1925-1926 Edit

Episode4 2

Ada, her brother Thomas Shelby, her aunt Polly Gray and Shelbys

December 1925. The Shelbys receive a Black Hand letter on Christmas Eve from New York Mafia boss, Luca Changretta. It is a notice that they have a vendetta against them and will be killed in revenge for Thomas Shelby killing Luca's father. The Shelby's gather and return from their separate lives to the only safe place they know: Small Heath, Birmingham. The Shelby family must find a way to put differences aside, work together, and take up arms and fight for survival.

Relationships Edit

Freddie Thorne Edit

He was the love of Ada's life. They were married in season one, until Freddie died at the start of season 2 due to pestilence. They have a son together, named Karl.

Arthur Shelby Jr. Edit

He is Ada's eldest brother.

Thomas Shelby Edit

He is Ada's second eldest brother. Thomas and Ada's relationship is one of the strongest out of the siblings. This is demonstrated when Polly tells Thomas about Ada being pregnant; he is very angry and makes her tell him whose it is, which shows his protection towards her. Their relationship has its ups and downs, but in the end they're always there for each other.

John Shelby Edit

He is Ada's third eldest brother.

Finn Shelby Edit

Ada's younger brother.

Aunt Polly Edit

Ada's aunt who acts as a maternal figure for all of the family, the two have a close relationship.

Quotes Edit

"I came back for love. And common sense." Ada Shelby to Thomas Shelby

"Tommy Shelby is going to stop the revolution with his cock." -- Ada Shelby to Thomas Shelby
"Oi! I'm a Shelby too, you know. Put my fucking film back on!" - Ada Shelby whilst in cinema

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